Ultra Clear Window Tinting

All the benefits of standard tint with a perfectly clear view.

ultra clear window tinting

Solar Pro Inc. stocks and installs Ultra Clear Window Films. Revolutionary technology allows for an unprecedented amount of heat to be rejected with clear film technology. Specially manufactured films block the Infra-Red Portion of the spectrum however allow for the visible light spectrum to enter. For those customers who desire a clear view without shading or dark tint this is the answer.

The great news is that you can still block an enormous amount of heat and 99% of the harmful UV ray which can lead to fading of furniture and skin cancer. Window film can enhance and improve your view and appears high definition. We offer an affordable, practical and unique solution with stunning results. We invite you to experience first hand what a big difference window film can make.

Ultra Clear Window Film has the same benefits as other traditional solar films without changing the look of your home and keeping a perfectly clear view out of your windows.

What Ultra Clear Film can do for you:

  • Block a large amount of solar heat in the summer and keep warmth inside in the winter.
  • Reduce HVAC costs all year round
  • Protect your skin and eyes from harmful UV light
  • Reduce fading of furniture, fabric, artwork and flooring
  • Prevent flying glass shards caused by violent weather or unforseen accidents

If you'd like to reduce your energy costs and stop UV rays from harming your living or work space, call us at (954) 603-1518 or click here to contact us today!