Safety & Security Window Tinting

Protect for your assets and your loved ones.

security window tinting

When glass breaks it poses a considerable potential for bodily injury and property damage. Safety and Security Films are optically clear, polyester glass coatings, that will not block your view and are engineered with powerful adhesives that help keep the glass safely attached to the film. Safety and Security window tinting helps prevent the entry of water and debris in cases of glass cracking or breakage. Glass can break with little or no warning and security films are always ready.

Increased Safety from Smash and Grab

Criminal glass breakage incidents can occur at any time and usually happen when you least expect it. Windows and doors are one of the most vulnerable points of entry for smash-and-grab thieves. By holding glass firmly together, illegal access becomes more difficult. Regardless of where you are or what you are doing, Safety and Security film is working for you at all times.

Protection from Industrial Explosions and Bomb Blasts

Safety and Security window tinting is used extensively by government agencies for bomb blast protection. In an instant, an explosion can send broken glass fragments flying at lethal speeds. Security films have proven to be effective in reducing bodily injury and property damage in these moments of extreme danger.

Legal Notice

Safety and security films are designed to reduce the hazards of broken glass by helping to keep broken glass fragments attached to the film. The level of safety that is offered varies depending on the thickness of the film selected, the type of glass that the film is being applied to, the structural integrity of the window frame, and also whether the film is being installed with or without an attachment system. Although many manufacturers produce safety films that have passed rigorous testing, there is no window film that is code approved to be hurricane, windstorm or impact resistant. Liability from all causes is limited to the replacement of the defective window film as per the manufacturer's warranty.

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