Residential Window Tinting

Lower the electical bill and beat the heat.

residential window tinting

At first glance many disregard the issue of energy efficiency, that is until they find out about the associated electrical bill savings that require only a few small changes to their home. According to experts, one upgrade may be more efficient than the rest.

In a recent study overseen by the International Window Film Association the energy cost reducing effect of installing window film was contrasted with more traditional energy saving techniques, such as updating heating and cooling equipment, adding additional insulation, and air sealing using caulk. The study used California Energy Commission guidelines to determine the energy savings of each home upgrade. According to the results of this extensive study, home window tinting can offer an annual return on investment of up to 70% in hot climates. That means that if you live in a climate like ours in South Florida, residential window tinting for your house may practically pay for it self with in one year!

Solar Pro's home window tinting service can make a dramatic difference in reducing the amount of heat and glare and is available in a wide variety of shades from Ultra-Clear to Dark and everything in between. In addition, window film blocks 99% of the harmful ultraviolet radiation rays which can lead to fading of furniture and certain types of skin cancer. If you have too much glaring sun we can soften the look of the room without obstructing the view. Window film can enhance and improve your view and appears high-definition. Proper residential window tinting can block up to 79% of the incoming heat from the sun and is a great way to save electricity. Additionally it reduces the amount of heat radiated out in the colder months thereby lowering heating costs as well. We offer an affordable, practical and unique home window tinting solution that will deliver stunning results.

Advantages of Solar Pro's Residential Window Tinting

Pick Solar Pro for home window tinting in Miami, Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.

  • Our films reduce energy costs
  • Homes that are outfitted with our energy saving window films can save up to 15% each year with improved heating and cooling.

  • Our films protect your health
  • We install only the finest films which block virtually all UltraViolet Radiation, this protects the skin and vision of you and your family.

  • Our films protect your assets
  • Solar Pro's window tints protect your furniture, flooring, artwork, fabrics and other household furnishings from fading and spotting due to sun damage.

  • Our films increase safety
  • We carry a wide variety of window films that are designed to hold together glass shards and fragments in the event of forced entry or storm wind damage among other things. Ask about our EXTRA-THICK Safety and Security Window Films.

  • Our films provide privacy
  • Keep unwanted eyes from venturing inside your home by picking our special one way window films that give just the right amount of privacy.

If you'd like to reduce your energy costs and protect your health and furniture from harmful UV rays, call us at (954) 603-1518 or click here to contact us today!