Marine Window Tinting

Ultimate style and comfort for your watercraft.

marine window tinting

Our window tinting experience also extends to Yachts and other marine vessels, we have spent years testing various films for marine application and are pleased to announce that we have mastered the technique to optimally tint window for the marine environment. Our expert marine window tinting service goes beyond simply upgrading the look of your yacht or boat. Every boat owner is aware of the constant battle against the elements . Sun, sea and salt all have to be taken into consideration when selecting which film you will use and how you will install it. If the installation isn't done properly the film's effectivenes and durability can be greatly reduced.

One of the greatest benefits of window film application is the siginificant recuction of heat and glare. Our specialty marine window film can reduce the incoming heat by up to 79% using superior UV shielding and heat rejection properties. Out on the sea the glare from the sun can be amplified by up to 80% as a result of light reflecting of the water. This makes it difficult to see while navigating and could create a potential hazard. Our films are very effective at reducing glare up to 85%.

While docked, typical windows don't offer much privacy and while shades can help, they prevent you from looking outside as well. Window film, on the other hand, provides excellent privacy while still letting you to see whats happening outside your vessel. Of course window films also improve the look of your boat, giving it a neat and uniform appearance.

Another benefit of our window film is increased safety. Tinted windows are safely held in place by thick film holding glass shards in place should any accidental breakage due to wind storms or unexpected impact were to happen. They also impede burglary attempts and keep prying eyes from the valuables on you boat or yacht thanks to the increased privacy.

Remember that standard stock factory tints are insufficient and usually not very good quality. At Solar Pro we have the experience, films and tools needed to deliver the kind of marine window tinting your watercraft truly deserves.

Top 10 Benefits of Marine Window Tinting

Window tinting for commercial businesses and office buildings garners a multitude of benefits.

  • Enhance watercraft appearance
  • Reduce up to 99.9% of the harmful cancer-causing (UV-A and UV-B) rays.
  • Increase skin and eye protection
  • Reduce heat build up and improved cooling efficiency.
  • Reduce interior fading and cracking of vinyl and upholstery
  • Prolong the life span of all interior components and marine electronics.
  • Lessen eye fatigue and improve vision and safety. Reduced glare and eye strain for both the driver and passengers.
  • Provide privacy and visual security
  • Add a degree of safety by reducing risk of flying shards of glass
  • Increase visibility of lcd displays

A sea craft is a major investment, so why not take a simple, yet essential measure to preserve it? We offer an affordable, practical and unique solution with stunning results for each of our clients. We invite you to experience first hand what a big difference the right window film can make for a boat or yacht.

If you'd like to improve the look and comfort of your boat or yacht while at the same time improving it's safety and energy efficiency, call us at (954) 603-1518 or click here to contact us today!